August 21, 2020

Multi-Family Building Challenges that Modular Construction can Overcome

Despite innovations in construction technology in the last decade, the traditional construction method still faces many challenges. Such challenges are only exemplified when implemented to develop multi-family projects that tend to be complex in nature.

The only viable solution to overcome the challenges of developing multi-family homes is via modular construction. Here are the significant problems that conventionally built multi-family units face and how multi-family modular buildings can overcome them.

Poor Cost and Time Efficiency

Multi-family homes need to be highly cost-effective, and since time is money when it comes to construction, they need to be time-effective, too. If the cost or time is high, the owner may lose on opportunities of use and face poor return on their investment.

Modular construction can be helpful. Multi-family modular buildings are made on an assembly line in a factory where every component and material is accounted for. They have low initial costs due to the controlled manner of production. Thus, modular buildings tend to have better cost and time efficiency, improving ROI.

Lack of Quality Control

Traditional construction employs local handyman labour for construction, who may not always be appropriate. They may cut corners during the construction process that can result in overall reduced quality of the project, which can be a big issue, especially if the owner intends to use the building as rentals.

On the contrary, modular construction is built in a factory by certified and experienced technicians and engineers who are well trained and well paid. They tend to not skimp on work and have better supervision thanks to the factory environment. This results in higher quality control for the project.

Community Disturbance

Apart from the construction woes, another major challenge that traditionally built multi-family homes face is that they tend to disturb the community. The use of heavy equipment produces a lot of noise and dust, and the projects also use floodlights to protect the said equipment during the night. This can be a significant issue, especially if the project is located near a school or a healthcare facility.

Multi-family modular buildings need not worry about this. They are developed in a controlled environment of the factory that is well insulated from the surrounding community. They do not release noise, dust, or light into the surrounding areas and are much better for the neighbourhood. The only time the neighbourhood may face an issue is when the modules are being transported to the site using semi-trailer trucks.

Unregulated Carbon Emissions and Sustainability

Carbon emissions are a global challenge faced by all, and the construction industry is a major contributing factor to them. But modular constructions use highly controlled environments with minimum waste to reduce the environmental impact the project may have. They have less carbon emission and waste produced during the project, making them better for the environment.

Multi-family modular buildings are gaining popularity and growing to be the preferred choice of construction by many, and rightfully so. If you consider using them, contact Northgate Industries for more information. We are a leading modular construction contractor serving North America, and we can help you build your next project with low cost and sustainability in mind without compromising on quality.

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