January 3, 2019

Myths About Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchens could be used for various purposes due to their portability. Some common uses of modular kitchen units would be in construction sites, the gas industry, outdoor events, work camps, etc. The size of these kitchens is large enough to serve the requirements of your entire team. So, now you don’t have to worry about the most basic necessity of your team, they can focus better on their work.

Though these portable kitchens could benefit a business in multiple ways, there are still some myths that may even cloud your judgment. Let us bust these myths to help you be decisive and invest in a portable kitchen for your business.

Limited Scope for Customization

Modular kitchens are generally customizable. Many modular kitchen manufacturers offer combinations to suit the requirements of their clients. The combinations help to customize your kitchen according to your preferences and requirement. It provides fantastic value for money as it is fully customizable to your requirements of space and budget. Apart from the generic appliances and utilities, these kitchens also come with washrooms for both men and women.

Many modular kitchen manufacturers also offer second hand modular kitchens to interested customers. If you have budgetary issues, then you may opt for second hand modular kitchens.

Inferior Quality

Some people do have a misconception that the materials used in modular kitchens are not durable. In fact, modular kitchens are sturdier due to the expert assembly of multiple modules and appliances. You most probably won’t face any issues even if you order a second hand modular kitchen from a reputed manufacturer.

Cannot Be Reused

The main purpose of creating standard size prefabricated modules is to let the client reuse the modular kitchen without any hassle. If some parts or appliances need change, then it can be done without dismantling the entire kitchen. As all modules are made in standard sizes to accommodate accessories or appliances, later on, the module can be replaced or upgraded easily. Due to the relatively larger sizes, it is easier even to change or fix the appliances.

Breeding Place for Kitchen Pests

Modular kitchens are better organized as most cabinets are coordinated with pull out systems. It helps you to access dark and inaccessible corners; to prevent any breeding of kitchen pests like - cockroaches, flies, house mice, etc. The modular kitchen is convenient and user-friendly as it provides the pull-out system for better cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen. Usage of modular kitchens almost eliminates dark and damp areas due to better planning and adding accessories which can be pulled out easily and cleaned.

Lack Support System

Modular kitchen manufacturers have organized after-sale support as it is not just a product but also a service based industry. Local carpenters working with a small unorganized team of helpers find it difficult to provide prompt services as seasoned modular kitchen manufacturers. Modular kitchen manufacturers are backed up by a team of technical support staff responsible for installations and after sale services. The technicians undergo rigorous training on a regular basis to be able to handle all sites and situations with ease.

As we have clarified the above myths about modular kitchens to be untrue, don’t hesitate to contact us even if you wish to test the waters by renting a portable kitchen. Located in Edmonton, we can provide you with a portable modular kitchen according to your preferences and requirements. If you are convinced enough, then please get in touch to order a modular kitchen or a second hand modular kitchen today!

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