March 9, 2017

Need a Food Service Unit or Modular Building

Looking for an affordable, but well-designed industrial kitchen that you can easily transport from location to location? Have you considered a modular building? Whether new, used or custom designed, modular buildings offer an affordable solution for all of your food service needs. Keep reading to learn more.Mobile Kitchens and Industrial Food ServiceCustom modular trailers and buildings are easily relocatable, making them perfect for mobile kitchens that need to be able to move from location to location to gain access to different customer bases. New, used and custom modular buildings and trailers can be equipped with the refrigeration and heating systems that you need to get cooking right away! Great for:Industrial Kitchen Service — Are you renovating your existing kitchen? These kitchen units can be rented to prepare your meals while you renovate the industrial kitchen for your seniors’ home, work site and more!Mobile kitchens—When you need to set up a kitchen large enough to service a crowd.Concession trailers—Great for amusement parks and travelling fairs. Modular buildings can be outfitted with all the tools necessary to supply the fair-goers with all their favourite treats.Emergency kitchens—In the face of a natural disaster, emergency services rely on mobile kitchens to make sure that everyone in need gets a meal.New, Used or Custom Modular Trailers to Suit Your NeedsEdmonton’s Northgate Industries Ltd. has a large inventory of industrial trailers and new and used modular buildings.New Modular Trailers — At Northgate Industries Ltd., there are a wide selection of new modular buildings, industrial trailers to choose from. Choose the model that best suits your needs and your budget.Used Modular Trailers — Used modular buildings provide both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for anyone looking for a mobile food services unit. Used units can easily be repurposed, renovated and relocated anywhere to suit your specific needs.Custom—If you have special requirements, Northgate Industries Ltd. can custom design a modular building to meet your specifications.Northgate Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing modular structures for more than 40 years. With a reputation for quality, Northgate Industries Ltd. is your first choice for modular buildings in North America. Contact us today to make your mobile food service dream a reality with a new, used or custom modular building from Northgate Industries Ltd.!

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