May 22, 2018

Portable Restrooms Or Restroom Trailers – Which One Should You Choose?

Planning an outdoor event is no easy task. As a planner, you have to ensure you provide your guests with no scope for complaints when it comes to the basic amenities. What can be a more basic amenity than adequate restroom facilities? You must understand this is perhaps one of the most important arrangements for you to make. Why? Your guest waiting in long lines to relieve themselves is an embarrassing sight for any event manager. This brings us to the question: should you opt for portable restrooms or a portable restroom trailer? Before we proceed to make relevant comparisons between these modular structures, here are the basics.

The Definition

Portable restrooms act as an excellent railroad measure because of how lightweight it is – after all, it consists of durable plastic. These restrooms are compactly designed and this compactness allows you great flexibility with how you can arrange the bathroom setup. A standard portable restroom has basic facilities such as the urinal and the hand sanitizing facility alongside the urinal.

On the other hand, restroom trailers offer your guests unparalleled comfort and luxury as these modular structures are equipped with additional facilities such as insulated interiors and hot running water. You guessed it right, these are comparatively expensive, but this is what a sophisticated crowd comes to expect from the events they attend.

The Comparison

Now that we have taken you through the basic differences between the two options, let us make the relevant comparison.

The Luxury

Portable restrooms are considerably inferior in terms of the luxurious experience that they are capable of offering to your guests. While portable restrooms get the job done, they don’t offer the amenities you would come to expect from a standard restroom. If you’re not willing to compromise on the luxury you intend to offer to your guests, restroom trailers, as superior modular structures, are superior lavatories.

The Cost

Every event manager or event planner knows the importance of maintaining a budget. Luxury comes at a price and you might incur additional costs if you opt for restroom trailers. If you’re prioritizing cost-savings or if you’re running on a tight budget, portable restrooms are a better option.

The Duration

The duration of your event can directly determine the option you should prefer if you have no particular cost constraints. If your event is expected to last for several hours, it makes practical sense to opt for a restroom trailer considering the range of amenities it is capable of offering. On the other hand, these amenities are essentially wasted for an event not expected to last too long.

The Formality

As a final comparison, consider what your guests will appreciate. To determine the answer to your question, consider the nature of the event. You really don’t need a luxurious restroom trailer for a sporting event considering the nature of the event – portable restrooms will suffice. On the other hand, portable restrooms won’t make a lasting impression if this event is a fundraiser, with the elites in attendance.

The last thing you should conclude from this information is that you have no scope to customize these modular structures. You can opt for a customized structure, or you can choose to rent one. Contact us to take you through the specifics; we can help you make an informed decision.

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