September 5, 2017

Pros And Cons Of Used Modular Structures

If you are planning to consider modular construction for your next commercial or residential project but aren’t sure whether used or a new modular structure will be the best solution, we can help you. We have compiled the pros and cons of used modular structures.

Pros Of Used Modular Structures

1. Faster Availability

It takes between 2-3 months to construct and install a new modular structure. However, used modular structures can be delivered and installed within a few weeks, say about 3-4 weeks. This is because used modular buildings are already built and are ready to be relocated and installed. This means you can use the structure relatively faster.

2. Cheaper Than New Structures

Used modular structures are almost 50% cheaper than the new ones and the cost of installation is also less compared to constructing new modular structures. You can use the savings for customizing the structure and accessorizing it.

3. Sustainable Option Of Construction

Recycling, relocating and reusing modular structures create minimal waste. Lesser materials and energy are required for constructing the used modular structure components. Also, they can be reused again in the future. Hence, used modular structures are more environment-friendly than any other form of construction.

4. Can Be Viewed Before Contacting

You can look at the existing structure and find out if it is right for you or not. Used modular structures are available for viewing and selecting before actually signing the contract and other documents. This way, you can select the best-suited structure beforehand.

5. Available For A Number Of Purposes

Used modular structures can suit several purposes and functions. Uses can include but are not limited to homes, classrooms, commercial complexes, emergency relief centers, military homes, hospitals or healthcare facilities, hotels and restaurants, etc. Most modular buildings (All of Northgate’s) are built in a controlled weather environment so building materials don't get weathered while being built.

The new as well as used modular structures, both have somewhat equal sets of pros and cons. It doesn’t matter whether you go for new or used modular structures, as they both are faster to install and are more environment-friendly than the traditional ones. If you are looking for reliable modular structure manufacturers, Northgate Industries is just a call away to help you setup a modular structure for your specific needs, providing you with complete construction solutions, advice, tips, and overall assistance.

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