October 31, 2017

5 Reasons to Select Design-build Contractors for Modular Construction

Design-build construction is a project delivery system where contrary to the traditional bid and build system, the design and construction services are integrated simultaneously and delivered by a single provider. Although the traditional method of construction, where an individual architect and an contractor collaborate together for the completion of project, is still widely prevalent, the design-build method is rapidly becoming popular.

Consulting a design-build contractor is especially relevant for the construction of prefabricated modules. This is because, a key section of this construction is completed off-site under the supervision of modular building companies. Hence, hiring contractors such as Northgate Industries which offer a confluence of planning, design and construction services ensures the quality as well as the structural integrity of your building.

Here’s a closer look at the reasons why hiring design-build modular companies is the right choice:

1) Single Point of Contact

Hiring contractors that provide a complete surfeit of construction associated services allows homeowners a greater degree of convenience. A major difficulty associated with traditional construction includes the need for owners to coordinate with design technologists and construction contractors consistently. Opting for design-build modular building companies allows owners to lay back and maintain contact with a single source.

2) Uninterrupted Communication

A vital step to make sure the process of construction continues smoothly is ensuring uninterrupted communication between the design technologists and the builders. For traditional methods of construction, a fair share of this responsibility lies with the owner of the property. This causes unnecessary delays and miscommunications. Design-build contractors provide integrated design and drafting solutions ensuring consistent and clear communication.

3) Greater Degree of Responsibility

Since, a single contractor is delegated with the duties of pre-construction planning, designing and building, their degree of responsibility for the project also amplifies accordingly. The contractor is obligated to conduct and complete the process of construction at the predetermined guidelines as there are no other external factors affecting the development of the project.

4) Ease of Budgeting

Most traditional construction projects fail to comply with the preset budgets provided by the owner. This is because, a number of variable factors such as the design cost, the cost of raw materials, the weather conditions affect the process of construction. Modular building companies which provide complete designing and construction solutions can effectively meet the terms of the budget. As the designers and architectural experts work in coordination, owners can ensure that the homes are built to their exact specification at the precise budget defined in the contract.

5) Superior Quality

The ease of coordination between designers and builders accessible with design-build contractors reduces the probability of errors and ensures a smooth execution of plans during the construction process. This not only make sure the project is completed within the designated deadlines but also enhances the quality of construction evidently.

These were a few key benefits of consulting modular building companies which offer integral design services. Consult our experts to know more about these projects or to buy new modules for your business today.

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