February 5, 2018

Renting An Office Trailer: Things To Keep In Mind

An office trailer is a perfect choice for businesses and professionals who want an efficient but temporary office set-up. Portable workspaces are cost-effective, flexible and easy to install. You can also opt to rent an office trailer or buy one depending on your budget. But, you need to keep in mind a few factors before you decide to pay the complete office trailer rental cost. Some of these pointers are the size of the trailer, the layout and the design, the permits, site preparation requirements and the furniture set-up to name a few. Let’s discuss these factors further:


The size and the layout of the mobile office trailer will depend on your business requirement. For example, if you plan on setting up multiple mobile offices on a construction site, then you need to make a note of all the requirements pertaining to that activity. You can get an office trailer in different sizes. Whether you want a single trailer or multiple, you can get it customized as per your requirement.

Furniture and Design

The kind of furniture you need will depend on the number of employees you will have in your office trailer and also on the design of the floor plan. You will have to consult with your office trailer manufacturer to find trailers that suit your requirement. It is always easier to choose your mobile office if you have a fair idea of what you want. For example, if you want workstations or spacious office rooms, then you may need to choose a double-wide unit and, if you need a conference room in your trailer, then you may have to discuss special design customizations with your manufacturer.

Site Prep

Another factor you need to be mindful of while renting an office trailer is the site preparation required. Your ground needs to be leveled before an office trailer can be mounted on it. Some suppliers take care of all the site prep before installing the mobile office and this service is inclusive of the office trailer rental cost. But, there are some manufacturers who leave the entire site prep up to you. In that case, you have to ask them what all needs to be done before your office trailer is delivered.


You will have to do some research to find out the governing bylaws that determine the permits required to station your office trailer. To seek a permit, you will have to define the location of the units on the site, their intended use, and the size of the office that will also define the amount of work that will be done onsite.

So, these are a few things to keep in mind before you rent an office trailer. If you are looking out for a reliable office trailer manufacturer, then reach out to our experts at Northgate Industries at the earliest.

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