January 22, 2018

Should You Buy Or Rent An Office Trailer?

Most organizations require a temporary office space at some point in time. Be it a construction, healthcare, education or government agency, field-related projects demand the need for a temporary office space. And in many similar cases, companies prefer renting or buying mobile office trailers over building a brand new office. It is a cost-effective and flexible option for organizations that want to fulfill their short-term office requirements.

When it comes to mobile offices, you will find many trailer rentals in Fort Mcmurray. But, the main question is whether you intend to purchase or rent a mobile office trailer. Both options have their own set of pros and cons, but your decision should be based on the following factors:


Opting for trailer rentals in Fort Mcmurray would any day be a better option as opposed to purchasing them as the former is a cheaper option. As a business owner, you want to cut costs in every way possible and buying a mobile office trailer would be a lot more expensive compared to renting or leasing. So, you need to calculate the total expense you would incur if you were to rent and compare it with the purchase price. If yours is a short-term requirement, then renting is any day a better decision.

Duration of Requirement

The next thing to consider is the time duration for which you need the temporary office space. If your requirement is for more than seven years, then buying would be a better option. The reason being the total amount that you would expend in rent would be approximately equal to the buying price of a trailer. But, if you need the trailer for a brief period of a year or so, then leasing is the way to go.


Renting is a great way to limit your liability. If something goes wrong with your rented trailer, then the manufacturer will look into it. But, if you own an office trailer, then you will have to bear the expenses of repairs and take full responsibility for every problem. Although renting does not completely eliminate your liability, buying would mean 100% liability.

Ability to Customize

When you purchase a trailer, you have the liberty to get it tailored to suit your requirements. This option is unavailable while leasing. With trailer rentals in Fort Mcmurray, you have to make do with whatever the office trailer manufacturer provides you.

We hope this information helps you make a sound decision on whether you should buy or rent office trailers. To know more about trailer rentals in Fort Mcmurray, get in touch with our experts at Northgate Industries.

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