June 22, 2021

Site Setup Checklist for Modular Hotel Construction

The work for traditional hotel construction mostly takes place on the construction site. But in the case of modular hotel construction, most of the material is made in a factory setting. The materials are just needed to be transported from the factory to the site and assemble. There is not much work left on the site, right? But still, you have to set up the site, because at last, you have to erect the building that needs proper landscape and support to stand strong for years to come. There is a site checkup list you need to track for the proper construction of the modular hotel.

Site Ground Test

The ground is the base for both traditional and modular construction. It needs to be tested well before a building is erected on the site. First, the soil is tested to check if the ground will be able to bear the construction tasks conducted. It is checked if the soil is contaminated or not. The ground will also be scanned to check for any potential hazard underneath. The potential hazards under any ground site are like electrical cables, gas channels, water channels, or an old well. Such danger locations on the site should be marked to avoid any accidents.

On-Site Office and Utilities

Construction site does need access to an on-site office and utilities. The on-site office is mandatory for the work managers to discuss the action plan and set up meetings. The management team needs to be close to the construction site to supervise the work. The office at a construction site can be big or small according to your need. Workers and other staff members on the site also need access to utilities like electricity for equipment, water, phone, and also internet access.

Safety & Security

A modular hotel construction site is less dangerous than a traditional hotel construction site. But still, the site faces threats from trespassing, theft of the equipment, or accidents due to miscommunication. Keep first aid kit available on the site, deploy security guards on the site entrance and install security systems like CCTV cameras or alarm systems. You can also install a modular container for material storage to keep them safe.

Traffic Management

While you are working on the construction site, there is still a threat to pedestrians and vehicles moving around the site. Make a safe way for the vehicles and pedestrians to pass from the construction site. Ensure that things are visible to pedestrians and vehicle operators. Maintain a distance between the people and the construction vehicles.

Checking the to-do list before starting the construction for the modular hotel will help you to complete the modular building without any issues. If you want such smooth construction, then you can rely on Northgate Industries.

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