November 16, 2017

Step By Step Guide For Modular Construction

In the era of speedy deliveries and instant e-payments, people have grown accustomed to expecting completion of projects at a faster pace. Businesses are increasingly shifting their focus towards optimizing their operations and increase their productivity.

When it comes to construction projects, the wait for the end result is still quite protracted for traditional projects. But, with the advancement of modular construction, erecting durable structures today takes much less time. At a time when traditional construction methods would take over 6 months to finish a construction project, modular construction takes less than half the time to deliver a commercial complex. An added advantage to this is that your modular building manufacturer can customize the entire process to suit your needs.

This entire process of modular construction can be encapsulated in 5 simple steps. Let’s take a look:

1) Off-site Construction

The reason modular construction is aptly named so is because it uses pre-manufactured modules for constructing buildings. Upon the commencement of the construction project, your modular building manufacturer will begin with the off-site construction of individual modules. Based on the design of the final project, these modules are manufactured for the commercial purpose they are prescribed for.

2) Site-work

While your modular building manufacturer assigns a separate team to build individual modules, another team works on laying the foundation and preparing the site for assembling the pre-manufactured modules. The two teams constantly communicate with each other to share their work status and ensure the deadlines are met steadily.

3) Delivery of Modules

Once the modules are constructed, they are delivered to the site. They are then craned to their position as per the design. This is when the design on paper begins to materialize in reality. The actual construction process starts and you get to see your modular structure come together.

4) Interior and Exterior Finishing

As the modules are assembled, work on the interior and the exterior spaces of your building begin. Interior designers and architects suggest design ideas to furnish the interiors of your modular building. The interiors of your construction transform from a mere enclosure of space to distinct rooms during this process. The exteriors also undergo finishing and landscaping wherever required.

5) Project Completion

This is the stage where your modular building is fully done and becomes habitable. Any additional fit-outs are done as per your needs. Lastly, your modular building manufacturer will give you the keys to your new building. This also marks the completion of your construction project.

This was our step-by-step guide to constructing a modular building. If you are planning on initiating a new project for your vacant plot, then get in touch with our construction experts today.

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