August 10, 2018

The 6 step modular building construction process

Modular construction is transforming the conventional construction process. Unlike the conventional construction process, modular construction involves fabrication of buildings and structures in a closed facility. The modules created in a controlled environment are transported to the site for installation to form a complete structure. Let us explore the modular building construction process. Here we have collated the entire modular construction process in six steps:

1. Designing the structure

The modular building construction process starts with designing. The design of a structure includes a detailed plan and specifications. While designing a modular structure, you can consult a modular structure manufacturer, whose designers and engineers can help you out. That way you can be sure of a high-quality modular structure. With the help of modular construction, you can customize the layout, as well as the interiors, according to your taste and needs.

2. Engineering review

The design and layout of a modular structure needs to go through a thorough engineering review. Like traditionally built structures, modular buildings are also designed according to the state and local building codes. This ensures that the structure meets the standards of safety and performance. A complete engineering review makes sure that the structure is designed according to the building codes and only then the construction process moves forward.

3. Permits and approvals

Similar to traditional construction, modular building construction also require permits and approval for new constructions or major renovation work. Modular construction companies can help you obtain permits and approvals needed for construction of a modular structure. Some of the typical permits required for modular construction are:Building permitPlumbing permitMechanical permitEncroachment permit

4. Site development

While a modular structure is being fabricated in a factory, a team is deployed at the site to prepare the site for installation of the modular structure. Site preparation usually involves excavation for foundation, water management systems, utilities, walkways, and other site development procedures.

5. Delivery

The delivery of a modular structure is predetermined to facilitate efficient installation. The modules are transported from the factory to the installation site via ship or road. The trucks that carry these structures are specially designed to tow these structures. Escorts often accompany these trucks to ensure they are transported securely to the site.

6. Installation

The installation is supervised by a contractor who specializes in modular construction. As the modules arrive on the site, installation commences. The customized modular structures are carefully placed on the foundation one by one, each at a time to ensure they line up appropriately.If you are interested in modular structures for your business, contact Northgate Industries today.

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