December 11, 2020

The 3 Largest Modular Buildings in the World

Thanks to the advent of modular building technology, structures all over Canada are continuously redefined for greater usage experiences, more sustainability, and durability.

Today, it is growing increasingly common to see any business owner or aspiring homeowner opt for a modular set-up above all else. In fact, the number of inquiries that we get from clients looking to invest in this construction technology continues to grow each day as its benefits become more widespread!

With quicker building times that are a mere fraction of traditional projects and a minimal environmental impact in urban and rural applications, it’s clear that modular buildings are the future of modern construction.

Coming a long way from solely being used as expectations and small-scale housing projects, to say that this construction technology has made a considerable impact is an understatement. Thanks to Canada’s push for sustainability, the scope with which modular buildings can be built has grown considerably, especially when it comes to full-size examples.

While many of us associate modular buildings with regular-sized projects and other breathtaking examples of architecture, they’re also involved in an assortment of other applications. From government centres to commercial establishments, the number of ways that modular construction can be used for larger-scale applications is nearly limitless.

The 3 Tallest Modular Buildings in the World

You may not know this now, but some of the world’s largest buildings have been (or are currently being) built through modular construction methods. Although it may not be a surprise considering the adaptability, scalability, and durability of modular work, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the biggest examples of such buildings so far are nothing short of amazing.

Let’s look at some of the biggest examples of buildings in the world that are built with modular methods to get a much better grasp of its power:

1) Apex House (Wembley, UK)

Constructed as a vast tower block project by Tide, the Apex House is a feat of modern modular building technology that is a contemporary student accommodation for London’s local universities.

Apex House is recognized as the tallest modular building in Europe at 272 feet tall, making it the very first of its kind in the region, offering a glimpse of how it can fare with UK architecture. With 29 storeys and 580 units constructed with 679 offsite modules, the building also has the prestige of answering the longstanding question of affordable student housing solutions!

2) B2 (Brooklyn, USA)

Designed and constructed by American building powerhouse SHoP, B2 consists of 32 storeys and stands at 359 feet tall, making it the USA’s largest model today.

Beyond its staggering height, the main aspect that makes this feat of modular construction methods so unique is its triangular shape, which was famously built 18 months short of the average construction time frame. Despite the setbacks in development experienced during construction, SHoP effectively came up with a commercial and residential development project whose units sold at half the average price in Brooklyn!

3) Mini Sky City (Changsha, China)

Considered as the tallest modular building in the world, standing at 682 feet tall (with 57 storeys), Mini Sky City is the foremost operational representation of the technology in question.

Built in record timing (19 days, to be precise), Mini Sky City was Broad Sustainable Building’s (BSB) flagship effort in promoting the efficiency and rapidness of the modular construction process. Currently, this staggering feat of modern engineering houses 800 apartments, cumulative office space for over 4,000 people, and 19 atriums!


When it comes to determining the future of Canadian construction as a whole and the country’s goal for full-fledged sustainability, nothing serves as a clearer example than modular buildings. Although the three examples mentioned above are already a testament to the grand potential that this building method can achieve, they only scratch the surface in terms of what it is truly capable of!

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