September 16, 2019

3 Tips to Maintain Your Office Trailer

Many small and midsize businesses require an office space that can be available while beating the clock. When you have just a small staff requiring office space and work tables, a trailer office is a better choice than traditional concrete-based construction. Mobile office trailers give you a comfortable workspace for temporary use when you want to start working in haste. Office trailers have provided benefits to various industries that use modular buildings and office trailers. The construction companies, for example, use mobile office trailers for project management work at far off construction sites.

Although mobile office trailers are made with materials of high resistance, the climate and environment of the remote or frigid places can affect the modular office and cause troubles. While most of the systems in mobile buildings come with warranties, it might still help in the long term when the warranty period is over.

1) Maintain Tire Pressure

Tires are an important part of mobile office trailers. As the work proceeds at a site, the trailer might be needed to move. And if the tires fail at that moment, it will cause a lot of damage to the things inside the trailer as well as the structure of the trailer. For this reason, you must check the tires for pressure once every month along with the spares. Perfect pressure in the tires provide perfect balancing to the trailer when stable and also prevent bursting while moving the huge hunk of metal alloys from one place to another. Inspect the tire treads. Check for unusual forms of wear and tear on the sides from climate or general grit from the work area. If there are cracks on the tire or any splinters stuck between the tread beads get the tires replaced.

2) Maintain the HVAC Systems

Mobile office trailers come with HVAC systems for interior climate control. These are the most vulnerable parts in office trailers as they are used in remote locations with constantly changing weather and harsh winds. The filters in the HVAC systems get blocked with dust and can get nasty especially in construction sites. The filters in the systems must be changed every month. The blockages in the filter can harm the heat coils and ducts which cause freezing inside the trailer. The evaporators and condenser coils inside the HVAC should be cleaned regularly. In colder climates, the temperature must be kept a minimum 21°C to prevent the freezing of the coils. The HVAC fans must be kept on automatic settings to let them adjust themselves according to the climate and room temperature.

3) Maintain the Structure

Maintenance of the main structure that contains the whole office and system must also be taken care of. The trailer must be swept every day to get rid of the dust and grit from the heavy construction, woodcutting, oil wells or excavation. Weekly cleaning of the interior and exterior structure is important in order to preserve it from weather damage. Check for chipping of paint and signs of rust on the outer structure and below it. If you see corrosion or other damages call the modular structure suppliers for the treatment of such problems.

You must always try to park your mobile office trailers at spaces away from the work area with heavy pounding or concrete work. For any other queries on issues with your office trailer contact Northgate Industries Ltd. and get the problems checked by the manufacturers.

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