September 7, 2018

Time taken to prepare a modular construction

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of modular construction is the fact that these structures are built faster than traditional structures. There is a misconception about modular construction that since it takes less time to construct a modular structure, the quality is compromised. But, the fact is that though it takes lesser time to construct these structures, they are structurally sound. This advantage has been a reason for the rising profits of many modular building companies. In this article, we’ll focus on how much time is required to prepare modular structures.Image Source: Northgate IndustriesModular Building ProcessIt usually takes 12-16 weeks for preparing modular structures and this process is divided into three phases as mentioned below:

  • Pre-contract phase
  • Factory building phase
  • On-site building phase

Pre-contract Phase

This is the first phase of constructing a modular structure. Pre-contract phase covers all the necessary documentation that is required to proceed with the building process. This phase takes 6-12 weeks time depending upon the number of factors to be assessed before starting with the building process. Pre-contract phase includes the following tasks:

  • Planning the structure
  • Site survey
  • Planning application
  • Threat assessment
  • Energy and wind rating as per the local laws

Modular building companies pay a lot of attention to this phase of construction. The reason being certain permits and documents play a vital role in building a modular structure. Just like traditional approach to construction, modular construction cannot be taken forward without certain permissions from the construction authorities.

Factory Building Phase

The factory built phase takes between 8-10 weeks to complete the fabrication of structures in a closed environment. The duration of the factory-built phase depends upon the size of the structure. This phase completes most of the building procedure of a modular structure and the only work left is to install the structure at the site.In the case of traditional construction, the structure is erected after land preparation. Whereas in modular construction, building the structure inside a factory and preparing land for installation takes place simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and results in the faster building of structures. Also, the structures are built as per the building codes that ensures safety of these structures.

On-site Building Phase

On-site building phase deals with the installation of a modular structure to site. It involves joining modules of the structure, installation of a subfloor, decks and verandahs, heating and cooling systems and site connections such as water, sewage, and power. More inspections are performed after on-site building to ensure everything is rightly done.Modular construction is not a new concept. It has been in existence for a long time. With the advancement of technology, modular construction is gaining traction over the past few years. Due to many benefits of this method of construction over traditional construction, many businesses and individuals are turning towards investing in modular structures. It is no harm to say that modular construction is the future of construction.

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