October 24, 2017

5 Tips For Purchasing A New Modular Building

Modular buildings are becoming increasingly popular among buyers in Canada. These structures are economical, structurally sound and offer an ease of access impractical to achieve with brick and mortar buildings. Most modular constructions take about 10% of the time required by traditional constructions for completion and save buyers over 20 percent in building expenses.

This is also a primary reason why most first-time property buyers opt for these types of modules. Additionally, contrary to the common misconception, modular constructions are not just box-shaped buildings. With consultation from inventive contractors like Northgate, buyers can customize their structure to the final detail and purchase a building which is unique to their vision. To get you started, here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing a modular building:

1) Determine the Budget

This tip is relevant prior to the purchase of any type of property. Before consulting a contractor to confer and determine the details of your project, determine an accurate budget for your construction. Though most new modular buildings can be tailored to suit your individual resources, it is important to settle on a budget which is flexible as well as compliant.

2) Visualize your Space

This is a step which most buyers skip while looking for their ideal building. Though most modular structures can be modified to accommodate your commercial requirements, it is essential to envision your space and determine your expectations from the contractor.

Inspect the reasons you need to move into a bigger space. Try to estimate the spatial parameters for your new building. Visualize the floor plan and the room layout for the space. Having a rough estimate of the space before buying the modular building also ensures you can communicate with the designers effectively.

3) Review the Manufacturer

It is vital to consider the credentials of the contractor before purchasing your building. Evaluate their testimonials and review their social media platforms to gauge the contractor’s interaction with its clientele. Inspect their compliances with the provincial building and environmental codes to ensure you hire a diligent contractor for the job.

4) Enquire About the Customizations

A key benefit of opting for a modular building is the wide range of modification it offers. Unlike traditional constructions, these designs can be customized to suit your requirements and do not necessitate the use of a pre-determined structure. Buyers can opt for customized modules with different floor plans and room sizes ideally suited to their operational size and professional needs.

5) Select the Fixtures and Fittings

Opting for simple but effective upgrades for your modular building can help you optimize the value of your property greatly. Select a shingled roof instead of a flat one. Pick high-quality materials for your plumbing and electricity setup. Avoid using particle boards for your flooring. Instead, opt for durable flooring and decking options fitted using larger joists and sturdier subflooring. These small but effectual upgrades do not lead to excessive expenditure but extend the life of your building significantly.

Keep these tips in mind while purchasing a new modular building to ensure you make the right decision. You can also consult our building experts to know further about modular construction.

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