February 22, 2019

Top Reasons to Use a Prefab Solution

A prefabricated solution includes modular trailers, buildings, and structures. Though prefab solutions have been around for several decades, there is still a lot of confusion over their benefits. Sometimes, prefabricated construction is thought of as a low-end construction technique used for mass production. In reality, it is quite the opposite. We have outlined the top benefits of prefabricated solutions for commercial use.

Factory-Built Modules

Components or modules of prefabricated buildings are primarily built in a factory before being shipped to the site for further assemblies. Since they are factory-built, they are engineered and manufactured with precision, which in turn contributes to greater durability. The extra materials are reinforced during shipment making the building more durable. Along with consistent quality, prefabricated modules are flexible in replacement of parts and customization in the future.

The manufactured pieces are made according to the code and compliance of your area. It eliminates the worry that may come during inspections.

Speedy Construction

On-site construction takes a lot of time compared to portable or modular construction. This means that businesses have to wait for a long time before getting started. Due to better planning in design, elimination of wastage, safety against weather conditions, and quicker fabrication, the process is faster. Having a shorter construction time allows the business to start their functions quickly, grow faster, and focus on other projects as well.

Reasonable Price

Though having custom-made pieces may seem expensive, this is not the case. Prefab solutions target all budgets and price points, hence creating many affordable options for people with smaller budgets as well. Prefab manufacturers often receive bulk discounts from material suppliers which then reduces the overall budget. Also, faster construction requires lesser manpower, which means low labor costs.

Eco-friendly Process

Prefabricated buildings are created in a controlled factory environment. These pieces are transported and assembled on site, thus eliminating the extra waste that is generated in the case of traditional construction. The materials used are eco-friendly and do not produce waste even during the on-site installation. It is just like putting Lego pieces together for instance. Moreover, materials discarded during the manufacturing process are recycled and reused during the next project.

Site Efficiency

Since many components of the prefabricated buildings are manufactured in the factory, there is significantly less traffic and material suppliers around the construction site. Compared to traditional construction, this construction technique does not produce noise, pollution, wastage, and other common irritants. Talking about prefab trailers, they are portable, hence you can move them anywhere on the site.

More and more building professionals are becoming aware of the benefits of prefab construction method. Prefabricated buildings are proving to be an extremely viable option with continuous improvement in manufacturing technology. If you are planning to opt for the prefabrication technique for your next project, Northgate Industries can be at your service. From prefabricated buildings to trailers, we have it all. Contact our fabricators to know more about our services and products in prefab solutions.

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