March 7, 2017

Turn-key Solutions for Your Remote Workforce

Need to get a job site up and running right away? No time to waste meeting with designers and arranging customized solutions? If you need to provide accommodations for your remote workforce in a hurry, turn-key solutions might be just what you need.

What are turn-key solutions?Turn-key solutions offer workplace accommodations ready for immediate use. Made up of modular buildings and industrial trailers, turn-key solutions are a quick and affordable option for your remote workforce accommodation needs. You won’t waste any time or money setting up a campsite because turn-key solutions are ready and waiting for you.

Where can I find turn-key solutions north of Edmonton?If your operation is north of Edmonton and you’re looking for accommodations, then you’re in luck. Northgate Industries Ltd. has a number of open lodges in the area designed to house your entire workforce. Our locations are:

Waddell Lodge—Just west of Conklin, Alberta this lodge features 228 executive rooms, 20 suites, TV and internet access, a fitness room and recreational facilities.

Conklin Lodge—Nestled in Conklin, Alberta this lodge boasts 27 suites, 162 executive rooms and 126 standard rooms. Your crew will also enjoy internet access and fitness and recreational facilities.

Kettle Creek Lodge—North of Janvier, Alberta this lodge has 181 standard rooms and 24 executive rooms. There is a recreational facility, a fitness facility and internet access.

Buckinghorse River Lodge—Located in Buckinghorse River, BC you can enjoy satellite TV, internet, recreational and fitness facilities. This lodge has 113 junior executive rooms, 16 executive suites, 47 VIP rooms and 42 standard rooms.

If you need more space than a lodge can provide, we can bring in more industrial trailers or an INSTA-BUILD unit so that you can accommodate both crew and equipment. INSTA-BUILDs are prefabricated metal buildings that are perfect for storage facilities or manufacturing sites.

Northgate Industries Ltd.We offer more than just turn-key solutions to our clients. Northgate Industries Ltd. is a leader in modular manufacturing. With new and used industrial trailers and custom made modular buildings, we have the solution for your every need. Contact us today to learn more about our new or custom built modular buildings and our wide variety of used industrial trailers. With over 40 years in the business, Northgate Industries Ltd. always delivers quality you can count on!

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