November 23, 2018

Used Northgate Trailers Make for Great Portable Buildings

Used trailers from Northgate can be used to make great portable buildings. You can construct both residential and commercial buildings using these trailers. These used mobile trailers are inexpensive in comparison to conventional buildings.

Ready to Move in

Unlike traditional buildings that take a lot of time to be constructed and get accommodation-ready, portable buildings are mostly ready to move in. In case you are running a business and have to expand immediately, portable buildings might save the day for you.


Renting or buying a used trailer is quite inexpensive in comparison to the regular buildings. For the same rental or cost price, you would get more space. Making portable buildings with used trailers gives you better value for your hard-earned money.


These used trailers are portable. You can relocate to a safe location in advance in case of a bad weather report or any other natural disasters. You and your possessions would be safe within the portable building.


The used trailers from Northgate Industries come in multiple sizes, shapes, and designs. You can pick from these various options to construct a portable building. The portable buildings usually are ready with generic amenities - carpet, restrooms and HVAC. You can still add more facilities and entertainment options (such as a TV) as per your requirement.

Easy Maintenance

Used trailers are a lot easier to maintain in comparison to the regular buildings. You can do most of the simple maintenance work yourself. The maintenance cost of portable trailers made up of used trailers is also a lot less in comparison to traditional houses.

Savings on Property Taxes

The portable buildings composed of used trailers can be parked either on mobile trailer parks or even on a piece of land that you own. If you park a portable building in a mobile park, then it would not even be considered as real-estate property. To your benefit, your portable building would be regarded as your personal property. You have to pay taxes only on the value of the used trailer as your private property.

The portable buildings would be considered as assets for your property taxes only if you have placed them on a piece of land that you own. Even then, your taxes would be considerably less than the taxes for conventional buildings.

Used Northgate trailers make for great portable (and profitable!) buildings. Get in touch to get an awesome portable building for yourself.

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