February 11, 2019

Warning Signs That You Picked the Wrong Modular Builder

Picking a wrong modular builder may turn out to be a grave and costly mistake! It may lead to wastage of your time, energy and other resources, not to mention the extra effort needed to rebuild a badly built modular building.

Planning and constructing modular buildings is an investment. You do not want to incur additional expenses because of the erroneous builder. Not every builder is perfect with the services they provide. Each one has their own pros and cons. It is important to identify the warning signs to understand which one of them is better for you. So here is an ‘educational blog’ for those of you who may be in the process of choosing a modular builder.

They Don’t Have a Website

The presence of the website helps you to view and validate their work. A website provides information such as:

  • Building experience,
  • Projects,
  • Reviews and testimonials, and so on.

The builder’s website should contain information regarding the associations that they belong to. Also, consider the schools that they have received training from and the testimonials from their satisfied customers. Based on this information, choose a builder with the reputation for and experience of doing a great job.

They Have a Bad Reputation

Modular buildings are used for various purposes like temporary offices and portable lavatories in industries such as oil and gas, construction, forestry, agriculture, etc. Check if the modular builder has worked for a similar industry like yours. If they have, find out how well they completed the project. Were there any mistakes they made or were there any complaints from their clients? If there were, you can proceed and hire another modular builder.

They Lack the Right Approach

A good modular builder will partner with you to review the design recommendations that can meet your expectations. A builder who has a hands-off approach with you will also have a hands-off approach with their subcontractors, engineers, architects, material suppliers, and so on. So, don’t work with such a builder, and find someone who can work well with you as well as their team.

They Have Poor Communication Skills

Rethink if your modular builder has poor communication skills. Communication is important while constructing a building. A good modular builder understands that clear, ongoing communication is important for decision making and a stress-free project. The right builder is the one who works quickly and responds to your requests and queries. If your modular builder doesn't give you complete access to the building information, consider it a red flag.

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