October 14, 2018

What are modular constructions?

The slaves were whipped and cussed upon for a non-stop construction process of the pyramids in ancient Egyptian civilization. Things began to change with the use of animals to pull carts of raw materials to the construction site. Construction and buildings have seen technological developments since we started constructing buildings. The latest in this line of innovation is modular construction.Source:

A brief history of modular construction

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, there was a sharp fall in the demand of traditional construction as there were fewer people who stayed at the same place and most of them were out in other countries fighting their wars. There was neither a need nor a healthy economy for construction of traditional concrete buildings. When World War II was over, the fighting stopped and the surviving soldiers had started coming back, fed up of the warmongering and moving camps. These survivors wanted to marry and settle in their own country they had missed for years. The depression had the economy tipping over and there was a scarcity of raw materials and money to build permanent concrete-based buildings. In this desperate time, there was a need for construction that could build homes and shelters for the demanding citizen. The materials used had to be reusable and affordable, and the process had to be fast and convenient as there was a sudden boom in the population. This was the time when basic modular construction ideas emerged and took care of the needs of people in a convenient and affordable way. Parts of a building were built using waste products and transported to the place of construction on freight trains. This paved way for the rise of modern day modular buildings.

Modern-day Modular construction

Modular construction has been around for 200 years now and is still on the rise because of its efficient building process and affordable prices and time-saving processes. Modular construction varies widely from the traditional methods of construction.In a modular building, the construction team doesn’t keep pulling logs and concrete to the construction site. They do things differently and prepare the building plan in such a way that the building can be built in separate parts and then put together to complete the actual structure of the building. In modular construction, the parts of the buildings that are termed as modules are manufactured inside a factory located away from the construction site. The owner of these modules can always choose what kind of structures he wants for his house or office building. The idea of the client is then applied to the different modules of the buildings like the kitchen, toilet or bedroom. Each part of the building is fabricated separately using an assembly line on which the modules get a different add-on at every stop. For example, the walls are added to the basic framework on a different stop while the doors and windows are added on the next one. This facilitates a speedy construction process and saves the time required if the site is hit by bad weather which ceases the construction process if it’s a traditional building construction.Modular construction is the best option for any building you wish to be built, be it an office building, your house, or an offsite construction where you need to accommodate the construction team. Modular construction can get you the building of your needs or the house of your dreams for a surprisingly low price. Contact Northgate Industries if you need a modular office or a modular home.

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