January 7, 2020

What are the Environmental Benefits of Pre-engineered Buildings?

Pre-engineered buildings that are erected with the modular construction method are considered to be efficient buildings when compared to the traditionally-built ones. This is because the process offers countless benefits. But what’s most noteworthy is that pre-engineered buildings offer several environmental benefits, which is why they are also known as "green" buildings. Let us look at the environmental benefits of the process.

Less Wood Usage

In the simplest words, the pre-engineering process reduces the need for sacrificing trees and helps the environment. The pre-engineered buildings are erected using metals like structural steel and other forms of steel and iron. The process involves very minimal use of wood for framing, unlike the traditional form of construction. The less lumber used in construction, the fewer trees that are sacrificed for lumber. And we all know how crucial it is to save trees in today’s time.

Metals Last Long

As mentioned, the major materials used in pre-engineered buildings include iron and steel. These materials are sturdy and are known to survive for several decades. These metals are free from any physical damages like rotting and getting infested by pests and insects. Wood and other organic materials naturally attract termites, wood ants, mice, rats, and mold, but steel and iron don’t. Also, they have fewer chances of getting corroded. This helps the modules of pre-engineered buildings to survive for decades.

Process Saves Resources

If you look at the construction process of pre-engineered buildings, you will see that multiple processes take place simultaneously. The modules are fabricated in factories while the land is prepared for foundation laying. This saves time, labour cost, and resources which, indirectly also helps the environment. You don’t have to disturb people and the environment by restricting entry to the construction site for several months. This is because the major chunk of the process takes place in factories.

Materials are Recyclable

Pre-engineered buildings are made of steel, and steel is 100% recyclable. So if your previous building was made of steel, you could use the materials from that building in your new pre-engineering project. You won’t have to buy complete new lots of raw materials. Don’t worry about the quality; steel can be recycled endless times without losing and strength.

We get countless chances of being environmentally responsible in our lives. Opting for pre-engineered buildings for the next project is one such chance. If you have any more questions about the construction process, you can talk to us, and we’ll clarify your doubts.

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