July 9, 2019

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Modular Building?

Modular construction reduces build time by 30-50%, providing an alternative solution in today’s tough market. But most temporary modular buildings have a lifespan of just 20-25 years. Just like any other building or constructed structure, the lifespan of that structure depends on how well you take care of it and conduct maintenance checks regularly. When your modular building is taken care of and renovated periodically, its lifespan can exceed for a few more years than predicted. Even though 20 years may seem a long time, the modular buildings that were built in the year 2000s are due for a replacement in just a few months! So, how exactly do you identify whether your modular building needs a replacement or renovation?

If your modular building is reaching the end of its lifespan, watch out for these warning signs. These flag signs will indicate that its time you replace your modular building.

Roof Performance

Typically, modular buildings and home have EPDM rubber roofs that are manufactured to last for about 30 years. However, after a while, the rubber begins to shrink and pull away from the walls and decking. Since these roofs are glued into place, the seams may pull apart, causing more damage. All these issues cause moisture to penetrate through the damaged roof or enter the building from underneath the roof. This moisture can cause immediate problems in the building. These problems can be caught on time with regular inspections and maintenance. But if the roof has gone too far, it’s time you consider replacing the roof or the modular building itself.

Soft Subfloors

After about 20 years, you may begin to notice that certain areas of your building flooring might have some soft spots. This happens when your subfloor is not firmly attached to the joists and timber planks underneath. Over the years, these joists soften and bend causing the flooring to become loose and detach in some areas. If you begin to experience more soft spots on your subfloor, you need to replace your modular building with a new one.

Water Infiltration

As your modular building starts to age, you may begin to experience leakages through your doors and windows. If this issue of water infiltration is persistent, it may signify that your modular building may have reached the end of its life expectancy. Just like other issues, this issue can also be curtailed with regular maintenance and inspection for leaks. One can simply recaulk the areas where leakages are observed. But if there are too many, we think it’s time you upgrade your modular building.

Outdated HVAC

Outdated HVAC systems can cause indoor air quality to deteriorate. Also, outdated HVAC can cause a lot of noise levels, and hence, they are kept turned off most of the time to avoid any disturbances to people in the building. This could lead to ventilation problems. While roof-mounted or pad-mounted HVAC systems can cost a little more, it can be a noise reducing and healthier option for your new modular building.

If you notice any of the above maintenance issues with your modular building, consider getting it replaced with a new one. Contact our fabrication team to construct your new modular building according to your specific needs.

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