September 11, 2020

When Should You Opt for Modular Construction?

The construction industry is increasingly under pressure to meet clients’ demands that are looking for better value through high quality and performance. In such cases, more and more construction companies are offering modular construction options over conventional constructions. The choice between the two can be confusing for project managers and owners. So when should you opt for modular construction over traditional construction? The choice can be confusing, but here are some instances where you should opt for modular construction.

When You Need Flexibility

Modular constructions are built in a factory and assembled on site. This allows them to be extremely flexible compared to conventional constructions. If your project requires agility, the ability to disassemble and relocate or refurbish, you should opt for modular construction. Additionally, modular constructions also allow the project to be modified for expansion or reduction without changing the building’s foundation, making it the perfect option for projects that may need structural changes in the future.

When You Want to Maximize Your Budget

In the construction industry, time is money because the longer the construction time, the more money the project requires. So, if you want to maximize your budget and complete the project construction early, you must opt for modular construction. In general, modular construction can save you up to 40% of the construction time and thousands of dollars. Because they are built in a factory’s controlled environment, they are not vulnerable to delays that can pose a risk to traditional constructions.

When You Value Better Construction Quality

When you compare conventional construction to modular construction, the difference in quality between the two is glaring. Conventional constructions are built by local handymen that keep changing with every project. On the other hand, modular constructions are made on an assembly line by a consistent team of construction workers. Modular construction factories have perfected the construction process over time. This leads to them having much better quality than conventional construction, which will last decades with minimal maintenance.

When You are Conscious of Your Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is important in the current world, and every project must work to reduce its carbon footprint. After all, the construction industry is one of the biggest culprits of global warming. If you are conscious about your project’s carbon footprint, you should opt for modular construction since it is manufactured in a controlled environment of a factory. This controlled environment ensures there’s no light, noise or air pollution, unlike traditional construction. And since all the components of the modules are accounted for, there’s very little waste, too.

Modular construction can work for various industries and applications, including residential, retail, hospitality, education, hospitals, and even schools. Its benefits are unmatched by traditional constructions. If modular constructions meet your needs, contact Northgate Industries now. We are an experienced modular construction company serving North America for five decades, offering you the best modular construction services with the utmost quality.

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