July 29, 2019

Where do You Need Temporary Workforce Accommodations?

Some construction projects can be executed at far-off or rural areas that are away from the city bustle. Although such homes are a dream to live in, constructing them is still a challenge. This is because there is constant transport of materials and labour to the construction site that is so far away from the regular sites in the city. To solve this problem, people choose modular construction where the only labour required is to set up the modular home instead of conducting the conventional construction process from scratch.

For such setup processes, the labours need to be there near the site to finish the project on time before deadlines. This can only be achieved if the labours are provided with modular accommodation units or mobile trailers. Other than construction sites, these are some areas where temporary workforce accommodation is required.

Forest Area

For labours who need to deforest an area for further construction need to be in the area for a long time to finish the work within the set timelines. It is difficult for labourers to travel to the forest daily. In such regions, installing a temporary modular accommodation unit for the labours works like a win-win for the labourers as well as for the company they are working for. The modular accommodation units will offer everything that the labourers need like safety, first aid kits, and shelter from bad weather.

Oil and Gas Plant

Most oil and gas plants are located in remote places away from the city. For each gas plant’s functioning, labourers are required to live around the site for any urgency that arises. Work at oil rigs and gas plants is a continuous thing that needs complete attention and alertness. To be there at all times for any emergencies that may arise, the labourers need to be living there on site in modular accommodation units.

Arctic Regions

Workforces at places that have extreme climatic changes and weather conditions need to provide their staff with accommodation services. Finding a place to rent for a certain duration at such extreme places is next to impossible. Modular accommodation units are constructed in a way that makes them resistant to low temperatures, ice, snow, wind, and rain. The only thing required is space and local permissions. These can be easily arranged by the company buying the modular accommodation units for their employees.

Mining Spots

People who work at mines are usually at remote, rural places. For them, safety is the first priority and immediate response to an emergency. Mines are extremely dangerous and hazardous to the health of people who work there. During such times, modular accommodation units are a huge solution as they are customized according to the environment they are going to be set up in.

Some benefits of modular buildings are that they are designed practically to withstand any environment and weather conditions, and plus, can be customized in any size to fit the requirements. Northgate Industries is capable of offering the type of housing comfort that your staff deserve and appreciate.

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