December 25, 2020

Which Industries Benefit From Modular Construction?

Several industries have taken to adopting the use of modular buildings because of their diverse capabilities. Builders can construct them off-site with the same materials, conditions, and building codes and standards, then put together on-site.

Using modular structures can cut in half the time you need for building construction without compromising the site-built facility's intended design and specifications. Modular builds are also flexible because contractors can plug them in at any step in the process, from the initial construction to relocation. Although you can use them in any project, some enterprises—like those below—benefit the most from using this type of building.

Construction Companies

Traditional on-site installation prolongs construction timelines, which is why commercial industries benefit from modular buildings. With these buildings, businesses can move with their plans quickly and start or resume operations within weeks of the buildings' completion.

Restaurants, hotels, and others benefit significantly from. Since their primary purpose is to provide service to many people, these buildings and facilities must be safe to open to the public as soon as possible.

Federal or Other Government Contractors

Modular buildings can lend themselves well to government industries, whether local, state, or even federal, especially since they adhere to strict building requirements and standards.

Operations laboratories, police and fire headquarters, and community centers benefit from getting their facilities up and running as soon as possible. Furthermore, training compounds, military barracks, and weapons storage facilities, which have to adjust to fast-changing needs and keep the same specifications and codes, can significantly benefit from modular construction.

Disaster Relief Organizations

Natural calamities are often unpredictable, and speed is crucial in building disaster relief facilities. As such, modular buildings lend themselves well in times of natural disasters for organizations that aim to provide relief.

Those who are severely affected would need shelter and aid as soon as possible, making modular housing and clinics valuable. For the organizations themselves, they can adopt prefabricated buildings as offices or headquarters, and organizations can also fit these with the necessary facilities, like washrooms.

Workforce Housing

Also benefiting from modular construction are companies that require workforce housing. Among these are companies with oil fields or rural construction companies. These companies bring workers off-site temporarily and would need a place for them to stay to avoid having to waste time and resources going back and forth.

Most recently, there has been a rise in demand for workers in the oil industry. Modular housing is a good option for people who need to ensure efficient use of space. You can fit these houses with facilities for hygiene and recreation, and you can accommodate several people comfortably in one modular home.


In today's hyper-connected, fast-paced world, companies must be efficient in all their processes. It's not enough to do something well; you have to keep up with your peers and competitors and produce outputs at a pace better than theirs. In the past, one thing you couldn't rush was construction. If you needed a new building, you had to wait; today, modular buildings can cut down the time it takes to build facilities, which is good news for businesses of all types.

Whether you have a commercial, government, aid and relief, or remote work industry, modular buildings are the best option for you. Northgate Industries is a premier modular building manufacturer in Edmonton, AB, constructing buildings throughout North America for various needs and specifications. Get a quote or contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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