October 7, 2018

Why a Modular Building is the Best Fit for You

Modular construction is, in our minds, probably the future of building construction. Modular buildings have been increasing in popularity and profitability. Proven to be cost-effective and innovative, the modular construction industry is flourishing not only because of the innovative concept but also because of the impeccable services and quality so many of us provide to our clients. Minimizing wastage of time and resources that come hand in hand with the offsite building process has given the industry an appreciable growth. So if you’re a trader looking for a place to set up your business or a contractor who needs to accommodate workmen for an excavation or just someone who needs a home, modular construction is your answer.Source:

The modular construction process

Construction of a building at a remote area or at a place far away from available resources can be very costly. The cost of transporting raw materials and workmen to and from the construction site increases the cost of production and increases your carbon footprint. The modular construction process, on the other hand, is much more efficient and cost-effective. The modules, or parts of the building to be constructed, are fabricated in an offsite factory. Once the modules are constructed, they are transported to the site of the construction. This minimizes the cost of transportation, cost of accommodating workmen and paying their wages, cost of wastage of raw material due to weather and environment, etc. A modular building for your office space means you can save a lot on the construction and add it to your investments.

Benefits of a modular building

A modular building is always more cost-effective than a traditionally constructed one. The benefits of a modular building are:

Faster construction

Compared to a traditional building, modular buildings take a lesser amount of time to complete. Modular construction allows working onsite and offsite simultaneously, which makes the process of construction much faster and you can make use of the building earlier.


Modular construction has benefits to nature and the ecosystem. Modular construction needs the site to be accessed only during the preparation of the site and installation of the modules on the foundations. This reduces the amount of electricity, water, and burnt fuel used, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint, making your building eco-friendly.

Immunity from unpredictable weather

Weather affects the traditional building process by damaging construction material or hindering the process due to rains or winds. Modular construction faces no such issues as the majority of construction takes place in an enclosed factory away from the site, so there is no wastage of raw material or hindrance on the construction due to bad weather. This results in a speedy and smooth construction process.


Modular buildings, being constructed using parts or modules for structures, are easier to uninstall or relocate to a different place. If an office building is supposed to be moved or relocated, the modules are simply uninstalled and moved to the alternate location and reinstalled at the foundation. Modular construction also allows flexibility for modification. Additional modules can be installed or unwanted structures can be removed according to your needs and preferences. Additionally, it doesn’t take up a lot of space or time, enabling you to function without too much interruption by the construction team.If you’re looking for a modular constructed building for your business or office, contact us at Northgate Industries and check out our range of office modules for sale.

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