August 1, 2018

Why Do You Need a Restroom Trailer for Your Outdoor Event

A restroom is the fundamental need of people at every outdoor event. If you are planning an outdoor event, be it a corporate or an entertainment event, restrooms are an important aspect on your arrangements checklist.Typically, you have two options when it comes to an outdoor event - portable restroom and restroom trailer. Now, people appreciate being treated well . So, having a restroom trailer with state of the art facilities at you outdoor event is another element to impress and make your guests comfortable. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of a restroom trailer and why you must consider restroom trailer over portable restrooms for an outdoor event.

Portable restroom vs. restroom trailer

Portable restrooms are single standalone units that come in a wide range of style. They range from basic to large and to the luxurious ones that sometimes consist of sinks as well. Though portable restrooms are often used, they do not facilitate easy movement. You would never want your guest to have such an uncomfortable experience that spoils their mood, would you?On the other hand, restroom trailers are single units that contain individual restroom stalls with their own entrances. These offer the best experience when it comes to outdoor restrooms and you can choose from a wide range of functional to fantastic ones. Clean interiors, flushable toilets, running water and such facilities make restroom trailers the best choice for outdoor events.

Benefits of a restroom trailer

The benefits of a restroom trailer are not limited to flushable toilets, running water, and soap dispensers. Restroom trailer provides climate control, odor reduction, and line control. Also, restroom trailer is family friendly and suitable for winter use. Let us learn about these benefits in detail:

Climate control -

The extreme temperatures in summer or winter can cause discomfort while using an outdoor restroom. They are equipped with heating and air conditioning elements that eliminate discomfort caused to guests during these seasons.

Odor reduction -

Thanks to advancements in chemical and mechanical engineering that has improved ventilation in restroom trailers. With energy efficient exhaust fans and modern plumbing, people do not face odor issues in restroom trailers.

Line control -

People find waiting in line to use restrooms very annoying and uncomfortable. Restroom trailers eliminate this inconvenience as that allow easy accessibility and reduced wait time.Lighted and spacious interiors - Restroom trailers are equipped with strategically positioned lightings and ample room for easy movements. This allows guests comfort at any point of time.If you are an event planner in Edmonton and looking for outdoor restrooms, restroom trailers are your best bet. Contact us at Northgate Industries to help you out with your requirements.

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