October 5, 2019

Why is Prefabrication Ideal for School Revamping?

Prefabrication process of construction or modular construction is now accepted globally for various purposes. Different industries prefer this smarter means of construction for their commercial as well as residential purposes. One such industry that highly trusts prefabrication process is the education industry. Several schools across Canada and across the globe are built using this technique. But why is it so? And why is this technique better than the traditional one for revamping a school? Let's take a look at the reasons.

Rapid Development

The major constraint while revamping a school building is the timelines. Schools can't be kept shut for several weeks or months just to give them a facelift. When it comes to revamping or renovating a school building, a solution that will take less time is required. Prefabrication process is the very solution. Just like the process of modular construction for first-time construction, several processes go on simultaneously during the renovation as well. The new modules to be added to the building are prefabricated while the existing one is prepared for the additions and renovations. This saves a lot of time.

Complete Customization

A lot of people think that modular construction means box-like structures with a pre-set design. Hence, they are widely used for residential and factory purposes. This isn't true. This technique is highly customizable. So when schools wish to revamp and personalize the space, they can explain the design in mind to the prefabrication dealer. Based on what they explain, the modular construction dealer will work accordingly. In other words, this technique can let you construct the school and classrooms the way you want.

Sustainable Solution

It is possible to put up a modular classroom that is sustainable. There is a minimal carbon footprint from the use of concrete, which is a significant issue for traditional builders. There is also limited waste, as the classrooms are built to tightly designed specifications and any cut-offs or materials left from design modifications can be used later, on a different project. Vehicular traffic is also reduced with modular classroom construction, meaning CO2 levels would be lower.

As a school management person, if you have any more questions related to the prefabrication process or its benefits, you can get in touch with us. It is always better to get all your doubts and questions cleared so that you can make the right and informed decision. And once you make up your mind, we can work together on commencing a new school revamping project.

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