August 27, 2019

Why Modular Buildings Are Ideal for Post-Calamity Rebuilding

When natural calamities occur, they sweep almost everything away. Homes, commercial complexes, modes of communication, travelling ways - everything is either finished or is majorly impacted. When homes and offices collapse, it is a significant loss for the owners and people who occupy the space. If people aren’t affected physically, then rebuilding the offices and habitats after calamities is possible. In this case, modular buildings act as ideal solutions for people. This is true because of the several advantages that the modular construction process offers.

Quick Construction

The biggest advantage of modular buildings is that they can be erected much quicker than the traditional buildings. The entire process of modular construction takes place at a fast pace as several functions are completed simultaneously. The in-factory prefabrication and then the onsite assembly happens within a matter of a few weeks. This helps people to get back to their normal lives soon. In the case of traditional buildings, people are homeless, and without any work to do for a long time, say almost a year.

People can even opt for mobile office trailers and workforce accommodations until the final modular buildings are ready to be occupied.

Limited Site Access Required

The advantage of simultaneous building processes is that the site can be prepared and levelled as the modules of the building are engineered in the factory. During this preparation, the site isn’t required to be accessed much. Preparation and foundation laying for modular buildings take place much sooner than that of traditional buildings. In the case of traditional buildings, the site is regularly accessed for months. This may disturb people in the vicinity who are trying to rebuild their structures too. Or this may affect people who opt for temporary accommodations in the same property.

Partial Rebuildings

When natural calamities don’t affect the buildings much, they can still be rebuilt or rehabilitated with the modular construction technique. Newer modules can be easily attached to the existing building, even if it is a traditionally-built one. Just like the new construction project, the newer modules will be fabricated in factories, transported onsite, and assembled over the remaining parts of the building post-calamity. This way, you don’t need to spend money on building a new structure from scratch. All this isn’t possible in traditional or other types of construction techniques.

In case you are already looking for a modular construction expert because your building was affected due to an accident or fire outbreak, you can get in touch with us. From planning to designing to fabrication, we take care of complete modular construction process with precision.

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