September 18, 2020

Why Modular Construction is the Perfect Fit for Affordable Houses

Modular construction has been the tried and tested method of construction in Europe for decades, but it is now gaining popularity in Canada. There are many compelling reasons for this popularity. Modular constructions offer many benefits over conventionally constructed buildings, especially when it comes to affordable houses. Here are some of the reasons why modular construction is the perfect choice for affordable residential units.


One of the most critical aspects while constructing residential buildings is the cost. If the cost is too high, the owner may not recover cost-effectively, thereby reducing the return on their investment. In this regard, residential modular constructions have the upper hand, thanks to their innovative construction process.

Modular buildings are built in a factory-controlled environment where every material and component is accounted for and calculated. Moreover, many parts are also recycled without compromising the quality of the building. This reduces the overall cost of construction.

Reduced Construction Time

Residential modular constructions require a 30-50% shorter schedule when compared to conventional construction. The modules are built in a factory on an assembly line, which doesn’t require much time to construct. Additionally, the factory consistently manufactures such modules for various projects with the same platform, so the manufacturing process is also well-polished and efficient, further reducing the required time.


Unlike workshops and factories, residential units have unique challenges when it comes to design. They can be relatively complex to design. Modular construction allows the design engineers to properly address each project’s individual needs, which can be difficult and expensive with conventional structures. The modules are designed in such a way that they can be configured using various combinations and fittings to suit the project owner’s requirements and preferences.

Higher Finish and Quality

Conventional projects are all built on-site by a constantly varying team, which can significantly impact the project’s consistency and quality. Since residential modular constructions are made in a factory by an experienced team, the overall consistency and finish are much better. Modular projects also use high-quality materials that meet the provincial code, too.


Construction projects, especially those that use concrete, are disastrous for the environment. On-site constructions also lead to a lot of light and noise pollution too. On the other hand, modular constructions are mostly built on the assembly line of a factory under controlled conditions, minimizing the project’s carbon footprint. They also do not cause as much light or noise pollution at the project site. Modular constructions also do not produce a lot of waste materials since they have already been accounted for, reducing the overall waste produce. Hence, modular constructions are far more sustainable compared to conventional structures.

The innovative process of modular constructions makes them the perfect solution for constructing affordable houses. They are cost- and time-effective, sustainable, and have a higher quality. If you are planning to construct affordable homes, modular construction is the best option. Contact Northgate Industries to know more about modular residential constructions.

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