July 9, 2020

Why Multi-Family Modular Housing Units are Gaining Popularity

If you are planning a multi-family housing unit construction, you should consider the modular variants. Modular options come in all types of homes, including townhouses, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

In the last few years, multi-family modular housing units have been gaining a lot of popularity in Alberta, and for the right reasons. They offer terrific benefits that the traditionally-constructed units do not, such as.

Faster Construction

Modular construction can save you a lot of time. Generally, modular construction takes 30% less time than traditional structures. The main reason for this is that the modules are constructed on an assembly line, and simultaneously, the foundations are laid on-site.

Fewer Delays

On the same lines, construction of multi-family modular housing units faces fewer delays. The modules are constructed in a factory-controlled environment, and the process does not rely on handyman labour. Thus, there are fewer chances of delays due to weather conditions and strikes.


When it comes to construction, time is money. The longer your construction takes, the more money you have to spend. This is not the case with modular variants. Since they don’t take as long and the module costs are highly competitive, you can save thousands of dollars by opting for modular constructions.

Impressive Strength

There is a misconception that modular construction isn’t as sturdy as traditional construction. In reality, modular construction can be more robust. The modules are built to be extra secure, so they can withstand the demands of transporting it from the factory to the site. Thus, they have a much higher threshold of withstanding vibrations and shocks, and they are highly durable.

High Quality and Finish

Modular construction factories use highly calibrated, efficient machinery and skilled employees to construct the modules. Even the materials are of high quality. And since they are built on supervised assembly lines, there is no room for error or defects. Hence, they have a much higher quality and finish when compared to conventionally built housing units.

Excellent Aesthetics

Another misconception about modular construction is that the design is always bland. Even this is not true. Modular structures can be designed to meet your aesthetic vision. You can choose modular construction in a variety of aesthetics, from art deco to modern.

Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, multi-family modular housing units are constructed in an environmentally friendly way. Since they are built in a factory, precise measurements and calculations are considered to reduce material wastage. Any leftover material is recycled. Moreover, modular construction does not cause sound pollution on site since they are built off-site in a factory.

The advantages of multi-family modular housing units are so vast that even traditional constructions have started incorporating up to 30% of the principles into their process. Go all the way, and choose the superior construction method for your housing unit.

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