June 3, 2020

Why Should You Consider Modular Construction for Developing Apartment Buildings?

Modular apartment buildings are a rising trend in Canada, with many developers opting for it. The reason is simple that they offer many benefits that traditionally constructed buildings do not. Thus, here are some of the reasons to consider modular apartment buildings.

Faster Construction

The most significant benefit of modular constructions is that they can save you as much as 50% of the construction time They are designed and constructed off-site in the controlled environment of a factory. This controlled process eliminates many of the potential delays. Site variables like accidents, bad weather, or strikes are eliminated, reducing the overall construction time.

Lower Construction Costs

Similarly, there are many cost variables when it comes to large construction projects like ordering too much or too little materials, accidents on site that cause damage to the materials, overspending, etc. With the controlled environment of the factory, most of these cost variables are also eliminated. Every material that gets used in a modular apartment building is predicted and pre-documented.

The modular projects also don't need architects or project managers, as most modular construction contractors have in-house architects and project managers. Hence, you also save a lot of money on specialized contractors.

Better Quality Control

Many think that modular construction has poor quality, but it is merely a misconception. In reality, modular apartment buildings often have much higher quality standards than traditional buildings. The reason for this is twofold. One, a highly experienced team works on the modular project as opposed to a handyman workforce, so the quality control is much better. The team also refines the process continually. Two, the controlled environment ensures that the project goes according to the plan, on time and in the budget, so the quality is also much more consistent than traditional projects.

Customizability of the Project

With modular construction, the sky's the limit when it comes to customization. You can have your project adapt to your vision without overshooting the budget in most cases. Whether you want an apartment building for college students or for multi-families, you can ask the modular project contractor to design the project accordingly. All they have to do is construct the modules with the vision in mind and then assemble it.

Less Damaging to the Environment

Lastly, modular projects are much easier on the environment. Since they are carried out in a factory, everything is accounted for, and the waste is minimal. The waste that is created is disposed of efficiently. Similarly, noise and emissions are also minimized.

This leads to another nice advantage, that is, the construction project will not be a nuisance to the neighbouring buildings. It takes less time on-site work for assembly as compared to traditional construction method, making the construction much better for the neighbourhood.

Modular apartment buildings are an excellent alternative to traditionally constructed apartments. They are cost-effective, quicker, and easier on the environment.

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