November 15, 2018

Yes, a Second Hand Portable Building is an Option!

A second-hand portable building can be a better option for you whether you are seeking space for residential or commercial use. Used portable buildings save both time and money. You must consider portable buildings, whether you are contemplating to rent or purchase a palace.

Saves Time

A second-hand portable building available for rent or sale generally has all the necessary amenities. You can get it accommodation-ready within a few hours. It usually takes months to build and prepare traditional buildings for accommodation. On the contrary, it takes only a few days to fit new portable buildings even with all the requisite amenities.

Saves Money

The rental/ purchasing cost of a conventional building depends on multiple factors like- location, size, cosmetics, etc. The pricing for used portable buildings mostly depends on its layout, size, available amenities and condition. You can save a lot of money by choosing a used portable building instead of a traditional structure. You can save up to 60% by choosing a portable building over a regular home of similar dimensions and having the same amenities. Similarly, the cost to rent a mobile building is around 50% of renting a traditional home.

Provides Flexibility

Investing in a regular stick-built structure, especially one that has to be constructed, can be a huge expenditure and time-consuming endeavor. You should refrain from such kind of a commitment in case you are not sure about settling permanently on that location. Renting, or even purchasing, a portable building in situations where you are not 100% sure about the location can save you a lot of money, time and effort.


If you keep your portable building on a mobile home park, then it would not be considered as real estate property. Your mobile building would, in that case, qualify as personal property. You will save a lot of money in property taxes.

If you park your mobile on a piece of land owned solely by you, then it will be considered as a real-estate property. Still, you have to pay considerably less taxes than if you build a traditional home.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

By choosing a portable building over a stick-built structure, you will decrease your carbon footprint on the environment. The smaller carbon footprint is due to the controlled environment in the factory, wherein the production materials for the construction of portable buildings are manufactured.

Low Maintenance Costs

The repair and maintenance cost is significantly less in portable buildings in comparison to traditional buildings.

Whether you have a long-term or a short-term requirement, purchasing a second-hand portable building works out well for most residential or commercial projects. Portable buildings, on an average, last for around 60 years. In case you have a short-term requirement then you may rent these portable buildings. Contact Northgate Industries to get the best deals on second-hand portable buildings.

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