October 21, 2018

The Comprehensive Modular Building Constructions FAQs You Need to Go Through

Opting for modular construction and are stormed with questions? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you through your choice.Source:

Are modular structures temporary?

Modular structures can be temporary as well as permanent. If you are an industry and have an offsite project, a modular building company can provide you with temporary settlements for your workforce. If you want a modular house or a hospital built permanently, you can always choose your design and structure and get a permanent building that can last for decades.

Are modular structures cheap?

Modular structures are definitely cheaper than traditional construction but they are cost effective too. You can choose from a range of prices according to your design, build quality and quality of materials you want to use. Whatever the price you pay is returned back to you with the effectiveness of modular construction.

Are modular structures weather resistant?

Yes, modular structures are weather resistant. You can choose to have higher protection from the weather by choosing better qualities of insulation and good materials for your walls and foundations. Modular building companies have provided hospital buildings that are constructed with highest levels of protection from weather or any natural calamity and are even known to survive hurricanes.

Are modular buildings eco-friendly?

Modular construction is more eco-friendly than traditional buildings. Traditional construction needs transportation of raw materials and workers to the site on a regular basis that increases the pollution from the transport vehicles. Making of concrete or general work destroys the natural habitat of your building site. Traditional construction also leaves back a lot of debris. In modular construction, you can forget about all that carbon as the modules are constructed offsite and are only transported once they’re ready.

Does modular construction take up a lot of time?

Every construction, whether traditional or modular, takes up time but modular construction takes far lesser time compared to traditional buildings. This is because a modular building company works on two aspects of construction at the same time. The site is developed as the modules are manufactured. A large-scale project takes as little as 3 months for completion and a single family home can be done in just a few weeks.

Does modular construction have scope for customization?

Compared to traditional construction, modular construction has a larger scope for customization. In fact, customization in a modularly built structure is easier than in traditional buildings. Modular construction is based on creating structures in parts and assembling them together, so you can choose to remove any modules you don’t appreciate or get a different structure with a different design.

What kind of buildings can be built using modular construction?

Modular construction can take up any challenge. Modular building companies can construct buildings ranging from small houses to large-scale factories in remote areas. Modular construction is being chosen for many different types of buildings. Schools and hospitals employ modular construction for their building’s specified interiors and structures. Modular construction can be used as a solution for accommodating a workforce for a large scale industrial project in a remote area. Military and other defense authorities are using modular construction as boot camps for accommodating soldiers.If you are looking for a modular home or a modular office building, contact our builders and manufacturers at Northgate Industries and we’ll help you decide the structure for your dream home or office building for your business.

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